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Career Spotlight: A day in the life of… A Senior Business Banking Manager

In our career spotlight series, we shine the light on career pathways that talented Black professionals are taking and hope to inspire others  on their journey.

Vidal Williams
is Senior Business Banking Manager at HSBC UK.

Having joined Midland Bank in 1998, Vidal has almost 25 years’ experience in the banking industry working with both personal and business customers. Most recently, he’s been working as a Commercial Banking Manager, supporting a portfolio of around 250 SME customers providing strategic guidance and funding solutions to help them achieve their growth ambitions. Prior to joining Commercial Banking, he worked for HSBC’s Wealth and Personal Banking (WPB) Management Team, supporting the Bank’s Premier customers before being hand-picked to pilot a Commercial Premier Manager proposition to build synergies the business and personal banking segments.

How did you get started in your career/industry?

I always wanted to work in a bank. When I completed my A levels in Sierra Leone I had the opportunity to do a work experience at Standard Chartered in Freetown. I started working in cleaning job and managed to study Business and Finance at HND Level. This had me in good stead to look for jobs in the financial sector. I ended working in a call centre until I stumbled upon the Evening Standard Jobs page with an advert for Customer Service Representative at Midland Bank. This was my opportunity and I wasn’t going to let it go. I applied and I was offered the job. This is how my banking career started in July 1998.

What barriers to entry did you encounter early on in your business? How did you overcome?

Not having my basic education in the UK was a barrier as it was difficult for me to integrate into the culture and British society. However, I wasn’t going to let this be a hindrance to my vision. The Education standards in the UK were far superior to what I knew, hence I had to restart, go backwards soak into the British system, and move on forward. I never let this stop me from trying to achieve my goals. I challenged myself to push forward, and it was difficult but because I had the determination and some support from my family, I can now confidently say, I have achieved it.

Looking back on those early days, what advice would you give an 18 year old …?

Be prepared to adapt and look for opportunities to develop and grow. Have a vision and push to achieve it but don’t despair if it doesn’t work the first time. Keep trying.

What are you doing to inspire the next generation?

Support them, tell them my story and tell them they have the capability to do better. Finally, let them know I am there for them.

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