Meet Natalie Montgomery, Founder of Almara Consulting Group

Natalie Montgomery

Founder of Almara Consulting Group

Natalie Montgomery, Founder of Almara Consulting Group accepted to be interviewed by UK Black Business Week. She shared her insights as a Black Woman entrepreneur and why she endorses UK Black Business Week events.

What is your company all about and what makes it special?

Almara Consulting Group is a female run consultancy, providing professional and sound consultancy services and accredited training to enhance the career development, financial planning and prospects for ambitious women who want to excel to their full potential within their professional lives and personal finances. What makes ACG special is the long lasting relationships we build with our clients, mentees and workshop guests. Creating and maintaining connections with those who utilise ACG’s services is paramount to us and at the core of our business.

Why is it so important for you to partner with and support the UK Black Business Week and the UK Black Business Show?

Business and entrepreneurship within the African and Caribbean communities is extremely important to me. The UK Black Business Week team have revolutionised many within the Black community’s understanding of, insight into and interaction with all aspects of business; from management to marketing to financing, and everything in between. It is important to me for Almara Consulting Group to support and be a part of the UK’s growing (and thriving!) Black business culture.

What sort of people are you most hoping to connect with during the week and/or at the show and why?

I’m most hoping to connect with likeminded, driven Black professionals and knowledge seekers who have a shared strong interest in bettering our community through an increase of black owned businesses, collaboration and generational wealth creation.

The UK Black Business Week takes place in Black History Month. Will you be doing anything special to celebrate this year?

October is also my birth month and it has always brought me joy to celebrate my birthday during the UK’s Black History Month. Last year, I was able to experience the U.S’ Black History Month as well when I visited New York in February 2020, which was great. The cultural vibrancy within the African American community in NY during this time was amazing, particularly in Harlem! For a good number of years now, I’ve been thinking more deeply about BHM (regardless of the host country or particular month any one is held within). As someone, like many within the Black community who supports and invests in Black business every one of the 12 months of the year, over recent years I’ve been thinking more about the UK’s almost “pigeon hole-ing” of Black History into one sole month. A magnificent, deeply rich history that has many, many intersections and cultural branches that have emerged organically throughout the diaspora. Far too gloriously complex of a culture to celebrate and teach allies about in a sole month! Therefore, I celebrate and praise Black History - our history - every month.

Name one of your favourite Black entrepreneurs or Black owned businesses in the UK and tell us why they inspire you?

Ooh this is a difficult one because there are so many but I’ll try my best to answer! Seyi Sokoya, founder of childrenswear brand Kamso is one of the Black entrepreneurs who inspires me in business as well as in Black womanhood. Seyi has creatively woven her Ghanaian heritage into Kamso’s designs including meaningful, richly historic Ghanaian symbolism and unique prints. I recently purchased a number of baby items for an expecting girl friend and myself, and was really impressed with the quality and Seyi’s customer service. Also, my answer would feel incomplete without mentioning Francis Aremo. Francis is the founder of Let’s Talk Jobs; a platform that aims to support and provide meaningful advice to job seekers and employers on everything to do with careers. Francis’ extensive knowledge and passion for helping others, particularly within our community, really inspires me and how I impact the lives of others through Almara Consulting Group.

Almara Consulting Group is a proud media partner of the Black Women Business Talks event, planned on Tuesday 26th October  (6pm – 9.30pm) during the UK Black Business Week. 🎟️ Info and tickets available here.