Meet Mariam Bashorun, Director of Black British Bloggers

Mariam Bashorun

Director of Black British Bloggers

Mariam Bashorun, Director of Black British Bloggers accepted to be interviewed by UK Black Business Week. She shared her insights as a Black Woman entrepreneur and why she endorses UK Black Business Week events.

What is your company all about and what makes it special?

Black British Bloggers is a non-profit organisation committed to fostering community and facilitating opportunities for Black British online content creators. We provide educational resources for the community so they have the tools necessary to grow their platforms. Through our partnership with PR firms, Social Disruption and FP Comms we can also provide them with access to brand collaborations.

Why is it so important for you to partner with and support the UK Black Business Week and the UK Black Business Show?

As a UK based Black owned business, partnering with the UK Black Business Show felt like a natural fit. A part of the work we do focuses on connecting creators with brands - a partnership like this helps us draw attention to the many amazing businesses in our community.

What sort of people are you most hoping to connect with during the week and/or at the show and why?

It would be great to connect with any start-ups who are looking to boost their profile as we will be re-opening applications for our Video Hello series where we spotlight start-up Black owned businesses on our IGTV channel. I am also interested in connecting with any other non-profit organisations to see if there is an opportunity to support one another.

The UK Black Business Week takes place in Black History Month. Will you be doing anything special to celebrate this year?

During Black History Month, we like to draw attention to the content produced by the community that reflects on the history of the Black British experience and inspires the community. This year, we’ll be creating playlists on Spotify and YouTube so it’s much easier to discover and access content from multiple content creators.

Name one of your favourite Black entrepreneurs or Black owned businesses in the UK and tell us why they inspire you?

I am most inspired by Nicola Millington, founder of FP Comms and Shannon Walker who founded Social Disruption. Both of these amazing women are committed to changing the face of marketing through diverse partnerships and authentic storytelling. They both have different approaches but I’m forever impressed with the efforts they’ve made and continue to make to ensure Black British creators take up space in campaigns.

Black British Bloggers is a proud media partner of the Black Media, Culture & Sports Talks event, planned on Thursday 28th October  (6pm – 9.30pm) during the UK Black Business Week. 🎟️ Info and tickets available here.